More than Adhesive:Technologies making an impact


Adhesive technologies can work wonders in their industrial applications, which range from meter-high wind turbines, through razor-thin touchscreens and all the way to the inner workings of our smartphones.

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Digital Future:How automation, Artificial Intelligence & 5G technology are changing the world


A high-tech and sustainable vision of the future would’ve been unimaginable just a few years ago. But it’s now becoming reality. Soon, we won’t be able to imagine our lives before the digital revolution.

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Circular Economy:How Henkel plans to foster a circular economy across its entire value chain

Perwoll bottles - Recycling

Packaging materials like plastic have many advantages, but their omnipresence has created a new set of challenges for us. How can we promote a responsible use of plastic within a circular economy and combat the problem of plastic waste through recycling?

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